P.O. BOX 40907
Cincinnati Chapter



E-mail: ncatcincyalumni@gmail.com

Since our founding in 1965, the Cincinnati chapter has:
• Contributed $200K+ to the University through alumni giving.
• Our chapter has been ranked among the top 10 A&T alumni chapters for annual giving.
• Provided over $50K+ in scholarships to area students attending the University each year.

Some of our local activities include:
• Participation in recruitment activities for prospective students of the University
• Volunteering for the Freestore Foodbank;
• A Child’s Hope Int’l; and the Cincinnati Gospel Mission.
• Annually raise money for local families in need.

• A starting point for Aggies coming into the Cincinnati area for the first time.
• A networking and support organization for Aggies during their careers while in the Cincinnati area.
• The Cincinnati Chapter has over 60+ Aggies in the area

Performed by The Blue and Gold Marching Machine

Dear A and T, Dear A and T, a monument indeed,
Around thy base with grateful hearts behold thy students kneel,
We bless the power that gave thee birth to help us in our need,
We’ll ever strive while here on earth all loyalty to yield.


With joy, with joy, dear A and T, thy students turn from thee
To spread thy trophies year by year from Dare to Cherokee.

Dear A and T, Dear A and T, the signet thou shall be,
Set by our great old commonwealth, proud boaster of the free;
She’ll have the record of her worth on granite not inscribed-
Nay, let the children of her birth proclaim it by their lives.

The North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University https://www.ncat.edu/

2 thoughts on “ABOUT US

  1. Good Afternoon Fellow Aggies,
    I am a 1996 graduate of the World Renown North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University. My wife and I are moving to the Cincy Area this fall. I would love to connect with the chapter and some fellow Aggies in this area. Please have a local alumnus contact me at the number below.

    Thank you.

    Carlyle Brewington

    Aggie Pride

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